3 Ways Landscapers Help Churches Nourish Minds and Souls

by | Sep 23, 2022


  1. First impressions are everything

All churches seek to provide an environment that people want to come back to. First impressions can have immense influence on an experience and for many attending services, landscaping provides just that. Utilizing seasonal color  in entrance ways provide a bright, engaging atmosphere as attendees enter and depart from the building. The goal is to have color at any given time of the year, and this can be accomplished with the right mix of plants. 


  1. A defined schedule

Many churches conduct their main services on weekends so scheduling landscape maintenance towards the end of the week ensures that grounds are at their best. This includes “back up” planning to ensure grounds are ready when weather doesn’t allow for maintenance at initially scheduled times. Aside from general maintenance, planning that proactively addresses snow and ice is important, so individuals feel safe and confident attending during wintery weather. 

  1. Proactive budgeting is important

Churches are non-profits so proper budgeting for maintenance and ongoing enhancements is important. Enhancements may include upgrading spaces and aesthetics or simply updating scrubs and landscaping that have become overgrown or unkept. At Give Green, we work with churches to identity enhancements and support them as they sequence work in a way that fits their budgets and internal decision processes. One way we help churches accomplish this is by compiling a comprehensive report that provides individual enhancement ideas  with associated general costs.

At Give Green, we are privileged to work with many churches in the area, and we find great purpose in supporting their properties and respective ministries.

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