3 Ways to Save Money on Your Commercial Landscaping

by | Aug 2, 2022

A great looking property is your goal. The experience that you provide through your landscaping says something about your brand and what you stand for. Further, it is an important driver of the overall experience and relationship that you have with visitors to your site.

Having a well maintained, aesthetically pleasing property is your goal. But let’s face it, its also important to accomplish this while staying within your landscape budget.

At a time when prices are skyrocketing, its important to find ways to get more for your money. At Give Green, we are experiencing the same thing, with the costs of fuel, fertilizer, and labor up dramatically over the short-term.

Finding areas to improve your return is important and having a trusting landscape partner can help greatly with this.

  1. Sign a multi- year contract

Short-term contracts may be something that you’ve been accustomed to, and this can provide the illusion of more control. However, they can increase your costs over time, and they constantly fluctuate. Longer term contracts (3 years) can provide a measured and transparent approach to pricing over time allowing you to better plan and budget appropriately. This also removes worry of not knowing what your prices will be in the future. A 3-year contract can also save you time by not having to go through the contacting process every year. There is also a misconception that changes to your contract cannot be made. However, language is typically inserted allowing edits to be made based on certain situation.

  1. Plan to determine your landscape needs

Having a good understanding of how and when you want to make enhancements to your property can allow you to lock in agreements. This in turn assures that you have the service and products that will allow you to meet your goals as a property manager. A good plan and the associated costs are critical to decision making. Ultimately, this is driven by a trusting relationship between you and your service provider. A partner that proactively helps you identify these plans is advantageous to your cost management.

  1. Irrigation management

Proper management of your irrigation can ensure that you’re getting the best return possible with its use. This includes water use efficiency with proper timing of watering to prevent evaporation and sprinklers are set to water the proper areas in the short-term. This essentially drives more landscape per drop. Over the long run, proper irrigation management can reduce the instance of dead scrubs and trees and the costs associated with replacing them.


At Give Green, we take a proactive approach to ensuring that partnerships are a win-win. At the heart is trusting, transparent communication that works closely with you so that you can manage costs and make the best decisions for your property. We would be happy to schedule a meeting to discuss ideas and ways that may be options for you to further manage rising costs.

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