5 Questions To Ask Before Signing A Commercial Maintenance Contract

by | Jul 23, 2022

Let’s face it, you have many decisions to make and choosing your landscape maintenance partner is an important one. It could mean the difference in getting the results you want or potentially not, which could lead to further work.

There are specific questions that can support your decision making and we listed out 5 that really stand out for us.

Keep in mind that the decision should not be rushed. Take your time and treat it like a job interview. Doing so, could save you time and pain in the future.


  1. What are the services the company provides?

This question may be the most important as it determines if the company is the right fit for your needs. Many companies will refer to themselves as “full service” but, specific services can vary greatly from one company to another. The contract should be detailed and should specifically address each of the services that it will provide. Examples may include mowing, leaf removal, trimming, edging and bed maintenance. Additionally, does the provider offer their services in house or do they subcontract out specific types of work? If they use sub-contractors, you’ll want to understand how pricing and communication will work.

  1. What type of experience does the company have?

It’s important to understand the expertise that the company possesses. This typically starts with asking them for the years that they been in business but should go far beyond that. Nothing beats seeing examples of their properties whether digitally or in-person. Consider these questions.

  1. Do you currently maintain similar properties?
  2. Do you have clients I can speak with about their experience?
  3. Are there any local properties you manage that I could visit?

Properly understanding if they have maintained similar properties to yours and seeing their work first-hand is a good indicator of how they will treat your property.

  1. What if I run into issues after the contract has been signed?

It is important to understand what the process will be if results are not to your liking or if things don’t go as planned. First, the contract needs to include a specific course of action to take if there are any disputes between you and the landscaping company. Each company has their own set of procedures in the event of the unplanned, and you should understand what the process will be should that occur.

There should also be a clause that states how and when a contract can be terminated. For example, what if the maintenance company doesn’t provide all the services or are not meeting the standard of performance that is expected? This is considered a contract breach and there should be a clear course of action that is followed when this occurs.

  1. What if I desire to change details of the contract after initial signature?

This may include adding or removing services or products. Most companies are open to doing so through a defined process which should be included within the contract. Details should include the timing for making changes, who should be contacted and how it works. In most cases, this is handled rather straightforward. However, do not assume that changes can be made and be prepared to ask for additional language within the contract if needed.

  1. Do you have proper insurance?

You should never sign a contract without properly identifying the company’s insurance coverage. If a worker should become injured while on your property, you could be liable.

Each company should have workers compensation and liability insurance. Insurance information should be provided within the document, and you should have the right to ask for additional information at any time.

The Bottom Line

Contacts are meant to protect both parties in the agreement. It is an investment in time, but a worthwhile one so that you know what to expect once the service gets underway. Contracts also provide a framework for what should be done if service does not meet your expectations.


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