Landscape Enhancement and Installation

Landscape Enhancement – Driving Your Brand and Value

Keeping your property pristine and differentiated requires ongoing planning. The average life expectancy of commercial landscaping is 12-15 years and appearances begin to decline rapidly after this timeframe. In addition to diminished appearance, overgrown and unmanaged growth can lead to safety hazards and poses a threat to existing infrastructure such as sidewalks, roadways and parking lots, and foundations.

We take a consultative approach and provide custom recommendations that rejuvenate the appearance of your grounds back to pristine condition. We do this through a tailored plan that meets your needs and fits your budget.
In many situations, small actions can be taken that can have a large ROI on the value of your property. Our goal is to assist you in laying out the best strategy over time that will allow you to manage your investment and budget appropriately.

Landscape Installation – Creating an Environment of Success

At Give Green, we partner with construction and development companies to create landscaping that maximizes the value and fulfills your vision for the property. Our staff works to design, develop, and install customized landscaping that is optimized for the property. This is accomplished by selecting the best plants and configurations that will maximize aesthetics and create the best return on future maintenance.

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