When To Prune Or Replace Your Shrubs

by | Aug 1, 2022

The scrubs on your property likely provide important aesthetics for your grounds. But, over time, scrubs become overgrown and can lose their appearance due to dead wood impacted by pests and environmental stresses. The life span of most scrubs is 15-20 years.

Here are 3 key considerations for determining to prune or replace.

  1. Can the scrub be pruned to the shape that will match the property?

Scrubs that have additional life span can typically be pruned to maintain proper shape. Typically, scrubs that are too old will posses more brown branches at their core versus green growth. Trimming them can leave to poor aesthetics and the chance of them growing lush, green foliage is minimal. A good rule of thumb is to not trim back if more than a third of each branch does not have green foliage.

  1. What is the cost of replacing the scrubs?

Scrubs are priced differently by type and size. Understanding the cost of replacement by type will allow you to make investment decisions properly based on your budget. Many property managers synchronize replacement based on existing budgets. In other words, they approach the replacement of scrubs strategically and over time in a way that fits their budgeting.

  1. Entries, high traffic areas and safety

As we know, appearance is important, and landscaping is typically most noticeable on the front of the property and around entrances. Building on the point above, consider replacing scrubs more aggressively in these areas. Also, large scrubs can provide unwanted hiding for individuals up to no good. Generally younger, smaller shrubs can enhance the safety of your property.

At Give Green, we’re happy to provide recommends on pruning or replacement of your scrubs. In the event of replacement, we can provide you with a custom plan for your specific budget needs.

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